"Wittgenstein" is the smallest room with app. 26 m² including bathroom. The room features a contemporary design with a glass-box bathroom. The bed is 140cm wide. TV/satellite, A/C and wireless internet access.


"Freud" is a larger main room (25 m²) with a separate entrance area (4 m²) and a spacious bathroom (5m²). Its design is modern, but with a Viennese touch. The bed is 160cm wide. TV/satellite, A/C, wireless internet.


"Goedel" is a separate studio apartment with an entry area and kitchen (12 m²), a large bathroom (4 m²) and separate toilet and a living/bedroom (29 m²) and balcony (7 m²). TV/satellite, wireless internet.

Meeting room

There is the option of booking a meeting room (29 m²) adjacent to the "Wittgenstein" room. It accommodates app. 10 people.


It is possible to combine Wittengstein and Freud to a larger room.